I still feel like crap sometimes

Yeah, everybody does. No matter how wise or how well you comprehend your emotional system, there will be times┬áthat feel lousy. I even have whole days when I feel blue. What’s to be done?

Nothing, really. Feel bad when you feel bad. It will pass. Trying to avoid feeling badly by distracting yourself might help but might only delay the passage through the difficult emotion, making it more likely to stick around. Everybody has bad days. They don’t mean anything. On a bad day, take care of yourself, enjoy the company of friends or treat yourself nicely in some fashion. The down emotions will usually pass. Only if the crappy feeling persists for a longer time–especially more than a few weeks–should you seek help.

Better yet, plan ahead of time what to do when you get the blues. It’s easier to plan something enjoyable when you are not feeling discouraged. Have a plan to cheer yourself up, and use it when you need to.

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