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The Narratives around Emotions

This comes directly from the brilliant Seth Godin’s blog. It fits perfectly here: Our feelings (anger, shame, delight) appear almost instantly, and, left alone, they don’t last very long. But if we invent a narrative

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Getting Over Feeling Badly

Everyone feels badly sometimes. Sadness, guilt, shame, and general feeling of upset are part of living. Here’s a simple way to get over such feelings quickly.

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Emotions of the Season

Summer feels glorious or oppressive, autumn stimulating or ominous, winter frightening or intimate. But everybody loves the coming of spring. The advent of warm weather cracks open the protective shield forced upon us by winter’s cold.

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At the end of December, before you turn all your attention to next year, take a few moments to wrap up in your mind the year now ending. Completion is the act of finalizing all the parts, tying up loose ends

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The Power of Deep, Personal Writing

Everybody has secrets. Unfortunately, some of those secrets are tied to emotional pain at the deepest levels of consciousness, pain that stays trapped by the unwillingness to look at or talk about what happened. How can you release

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The Inner Feel of Fall

It’s not just the cooler weather. Late fall has its unmistakable quality of darkness and cold closing in. How does this affect us and how can we respond?

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What is the Opposite of Love?

The opposite of love is not hate. It’s not fear either, though fear blocks love: you can’t feel any love when you are terrified. The true opposite of love

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Yom Kippur

This week is the Jewish holyday of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Over the years my understanding of what it means

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Why “To-do” Lists Work

Some people use “to-do” lists all the time. Now the research tells us why they help.

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Summer Closing Down

Cooler temperatures in August, the first acorns dropping from the oaks,  hint at the coming end of summer. Emotionally, we feel ourselves preparing for the change.

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