Anger in Egypt

The turmoil in Egypt, now going on for a week, was born out of  anger. The Egyptian people feel angry, they see themselves as victimized, and they know who to blame. But can anger make things better? The anger of the Egyptian people is clearly directed at the dictator Hosni Mubarak whom they blame for their troubles. From the vantage point of the emotional system, can this anger solve the problem?

Actually, anger never solves problems. That’s not its nature. Anger is hot and urgent. It can tear down, but it can’t build up. Only after the fury of anger has subsided do cooler minds take the steps to create solutions.

Getting rid of Mubarak won’t change the lives of the Egyptian people for the better. The really big question that country faces is, who will step forward to lead and how will they go about it once the anger of the street protests has passed?

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    Very well thought out; Very well said!

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