Underdogs We Love

We love the underdog because he/she reminds us of our self.  Since love is a feeling of Oneness, an emotional connection, the underdog’s success feels like our success too.

Whenever we attempt something especially challenging, it’s normal to feel that the deck is stacked against us. There are just so many other people out there chasing the same prize. Stardom is scarce.

We are underdogs in what we strive for because we’re bucking the odds by even trying. It’s true in business, sports, and games of chance. We even feel like an underdog when pursuing the attractive gal or guy who makes our heart beat faster and our mouth go dry. We dream, “If only I could succeed…”

Face it: if you expect to be wildly successful when you start, you’re not aiming high enough. The odds have to be against you for the pursuit to be satisfying. That’s why we see ourselves as underdogs and appreciate those other underdogs who rise to the top and beat the odds. When they make it, we get the message that maybe, just maybe, we can make it too.

What great aspirations do you have that are worth striving for? What’s stopping you?

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