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A Hole in Your Life

Loss can feel like a giant hole. Part of your life, such as a job or a person you’ve cared about, is suddenly gone. Even if you’ve had mixed feelings or you knew that relationship was going to end, it can still feel

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How to Deal With Unexpected Emotion

When a student at her college died suddenly, my daughter called in dismay. In conversation it became clear that the shock was so great, she did not know how to feel. Has this ever happened to you?

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Acceptance is a Critical Aspect of Happiness

Accepting what is, acknowledging reality as it exists in this moment, is an essential step toward moving forward in life toward what you most desire. Acceptance plants your feel firmly on the ground and provides a launching pad to the future.

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Whitney Houston

Those of us who can easily say “no” to drugs and alcohol might look down on those who can’t. We could see them as being weak in character or  lacking willpower. That is tragically wrong.

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Emotions of the Season

Summer feels glorious or oppressive, autumn stimulating or ominous, winter frightening or intimate. But everybody loves the coming of spring. The advent of warm weather cracks open the protective shield forced upon us by winter’s cold.

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Africa 2: Monkeys and Baboons

Watching other primates feels a lot like watching human babies. They’re different, of course, but they feel so close. In watching them, I couldn’t help but wonder what they were thinking.

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Africa, You and Me

I’ve just returned from Africa. A week in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro area viewing magnificent animals in their home environment. Emotional response to different animals differed considerably. The ones that evoke the strongest feeling are the ones whose qualities seem most human.

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At the end of December, before you turn all your attention to next year, take a few moments to wrap up in your mind the year now ending. Completion is the act of finalizing all the parts, tying up loose ends

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Hope and Suffering at Christmas

This time of year brings forth great hope and plenty of suffering. How can those who suffer get through this time more easily?

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Aggressive Pursuit of Happiness

The more aggressively you pursue happiness, the harder happiness becomes to achieve. That’s because trying to be happy focuses so strongly on self, while long-lasting happiness inevitably involves others.

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