Life Stories

More than 60 personal stories illustrate the pages of The Seventh System. These stories reveal how individuals experienced their emotions in specific situations, and what happened. Some of these stories are summarized here:

Carlos and Clara share a bond of love that makes their marriage strong enough to withstand any setback.

Merle leveraged anger at his father into a successful sports career until that same anger cost him his marriage. He had to learn to forgive and move on.

A courageous New York fireman transcended his fear to help Fred and others escape from the World Trade Center disaster.

“Joe” lost touch with the feelings that motivated him to earn money.
He continued to slave away without satisfaction even after he had made millions.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives “Tip” O’Neill remembered the importance of sustaining an emotional connection with the ordinary people who elected him.

Sam turned the awful feeling of getting robbed on a bus overseas into a learning experience instead of a personal catastrophe.

Hilary has not learned how to stop herself from worrying, even about unimportant things. Her worries still hijack her thinking and torment her mind.

Noah expresses anger by yelling while his friend Josh keeps angry feelings inside, each reflecting how he was brought up by his parents.

Monica cried tears of both joy and sadness when her daughter Morgan, who had battled back from life-threatening illness, left home to go to college.

Angelo learned how to drink responsibly because he felt so terrible when his friends ostracized him for getting them all in trouble.