Table of Contents



Chapter 1.  A Healthy Emotional System

What is emotional health? The seven systems; Stability and equilibrium; The importance of feelings; Pursuit of happiness; Imagine a journey.

Sidebar: The mind-body connection

Chapter 2. Oneness: The Healthy Emotional System Seeks Connection

A powerful, personal connection; Oneness in personal relationships: Intimacy; Oneness with ideals: Transcendence; Oneness with aspirations: Satisfaction; Oneness with self: Confidence and contentment; Stop, look, feel; The root of all emotion.

Sidebar: “Oneness”

Chapter 3. Sorrowing: The Healthy Emotional System Seeks Resolution

The time is now; Getting back to oneness; A personal story; Stuck feelings and old wounds; Sorrowing through the arts; The sorrow point; Clearing feelings; The courage to begin.

Sidebar: Cognitive dissonance theory

Chapter 4. The Art of the Truth

Mindfulness; Authenticity inside and out; Optimism; Obstacles to truthfulness.

Sidebar: Making sense of feelings

Chapter 5.  Moving On

Personal narratives; Newness.

Sidebar: Locus of Control

Chapter 6. The Circle of Emotions

An all-encompassing circle; Similar feelings, different feelings; Trusting the circle.

Sidebar: Cycles and circles

Chapter 7. Feeling Follows Attention

It’s all about attention; Managing feelings through attention; Attention grabbers.

Sidebar: Preoccupation with self

Chapter 8. Love

Noticing commitment and momentum; Personal love; Transcendent love; Searching for love.

Sidebar: Love and the arts

Chapter 9. Social Connection

The importance of connection; Commitment; Momentum; Momentum and social bonding; Social networks and their rewards.

Sidebar: Size of interpersonal networks

Chapter 10. Happiness

Happiness and the emotional system;  A state of being; Happiness triggers; Getting to happier (part A); Getting to happier (part B); Balance in an unbalanced world.

Sidebar: Temperament

Chapter 11. Grief and Sadness

Grief; Grieving through losses; Ordinary losses; Clearing up inner garbage; Sadness; Long term sadness; Recovery.

Sidebar: Sadness and depression

Chapter 12. Anger and Hatred

Victim of what?; An irrational force; Passing through anger; The habit of anger; Inner rage; Constructive use of anger; Hatred; What is under the anger.

Sidebar: Road rage

Chapter 13. Fear and Excitement

Powerful fear; A future orientation; The unknown; Fear by association; Worry; The worry wall; Processing fear; Beyond feeling afraid; Excitement.

Sidebar: Uncertainty that undermines happiness

Chapter 14. Fluid Feelings

Mixed feelings; Social animals, social emotions; Insecurity and “cool”; Patterns of emotion.

Sidebar: Humor

Chapter 15. Self Love

Sidebar: The mirror exercise