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Finding Happiness Indirectly

You can’t get to happiness by pursuing it directly. Happiness is a by-product of being connected to people, ideas, and activities

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Build on Your Strengths

Building upon strengths appears to be more beneficial, and makes people happier,  than trying to correct weaknesses. That’s the conclusion

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Mindfulness in Central Park

New York City on July 4th: New Yorkers have mostly abandoned the city to the tourists, and most everything of interest is closed. Except Central Park.

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The Happiness Hypothesis, Pt. 1

I am reading a terrific book called The Happiness Hypothesis. Jonathan Haidt, a professor at the University of Virginia, writes about timeless ideas from famous thinkers as applied to the modern pursuit of happiness. Quoting the likes of Buddha and the Greek philosopher Epictetus, Haidt ties together themes from the movement known as Positive Psychology […]

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Emotions of Sports

Emotion is everything for sports fans. We watch spectator sports for how they make us feel.

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Three Kinds of Happiness

Is there more than one way to be happy? University of Pennsylvania professor Martin Seligman, leader of the positive psychology movement that studies emotionally successful lives instead of troubled ones, identifies 3 distinct kinds of happiness.

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I Love Snow, but is it Love?

Fresh snow falling this week was so beautiful and white. I’ve always loved it when snowflakes flutter through the air. But is that really love?

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