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Access Emotion through Free-association Writing

At times when something emotional is bubbling up inside but you can’t identify exactly what it is and what it means, try

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Happiness and Love, What’s the Difference?

Happiness and love have much in common but they are not the same emotion. One way to understand the difference between the two is to think of love as personal, happiness as impersonal. The feeling of love for someone you love is personal. You feel an intimate connection at a deep level. You feel that connection also if […]

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The Beauty of Sadness

Nobody likes feeling sad. But avoiding such moments would cause you to miss some of life’s greatest beauty. Sad moments enrich

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The Bitch and Moan Club

Most every group has at least  few of them. They always find something to complain about. No matter how good a situation appears to be,

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Love Heals Grief

In the aftermath of the Newtown, CT, massacre of school children, grief is the overwhelming emotion. Grief is the feeling that accompanies loss, especially loss of what one holds dear. Each person must face and move through

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Campaign: What’s Different This Time

Political campaigns have for years been full of negative advertising and personal attacks. That’s normal.  What I’m seeing for the first time this year is a growing resentment among the electorate

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Deep Happiness vs. Momentary Happiness

Everybody is happy sometimes. But relatively few of us are happy to the core on an ongoing basis. What adjustments do we need to make?

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Getting Over Feeling Badly

Everyone feels badly sometimes. Sadness, guilt, shame, and general feeling of upset are part of living. Here’s a simple way to get over such feelings quickly.

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Phony Promises of Happiness

Do you get fed up with messages that hold out a promise of finding true happiness? I sure do. I especially object to those that claim a unique pathway to happiness

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Feeling Blah

Some feelings are clear. You can identify easily the sensation of being angry or scared or deeply in love. But what about those blah days when you feel a general unease

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