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Happiness and Love, What’s the Difference?

Happiness and love have much in common but they are not the same emotion. One way to understand the difference between the two is to think of love as personal, happiness as impersonal. The feeling of love for someone you love is personal. You feel an intimate connection at a deep level. You feel that connection also if […]

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Deep Happiness vs. Momentary Happiness

Everybody is happy sometimes. But relatively few of us are happy to the core on an ongoing basis. What adjustments do we need to make?

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Phony Promises of Happiness

Do you get fed up with messages that hold out a promise of finding true happiness? I sure do. I especially object to those that claim a unique pathway to happiness

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Acceptance is a Critical Aspect of Happiness

Accepting what is, acknowledging reality as it exists in this moment, is an essential step toward moving forward in life toward what you most desire. Acceptance plants your feel firmly on the ground and provides a launching pad to the future.

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Hope and Suffering at Christmas

This time of year brings forth great hope and plenty of suffering. How can those who suffer get through this time more easily?

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Aggressive Pursuit of Happiness

The more aggressively you pursue happiness, the harder happiness becomes to achieve. That’s because trying to be happy focuses so strongly on self, while long-lasting happiness inevitably involves others.

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Happiness: A False Goal

The successful pursuit of happiness is always indirect. You can’t get there by trying to be happy. If this is not obvious, try right now to be happy. When that doesn’t work, try harder.

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Oneness on a Day of Elevens

Oneness, the core experience of feeling deeply connected with another person, a place, an idea of spiritual ideal, is a central theme of The Seventh System. Today’s date, 11/11/11, seems a perfect time

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Happy Harmonies

Something about harmony makes us feel happy. If you feel anything at all in response to the coming together of the unexpected, it’s likely to be

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Why It’s Hard to be Happy

Humans never evolved to achieve happiness. If you’re not naturally great at making your life happy, it’s not your fault.

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