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Greatest Strength & Greatest Weakness

The sad story of former baseball great Lenny Dykstra illustrates a fact of life that applies to many of us. Sometimes what we’re best and and worst at are opposite sides of the same coin.

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Wealth and the “R” word

People with money never describe themselves as rich. It just isn’t done. The word “rich” has far too many negative implications.

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Talking about the Weather

It’s what people who don’t know each other talk about on elevators. And not about the weather at all. Chatting about the weather with strangers is about emotional comfort.

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Emotions of Spring Fever

Does the coming of spring make you feel joyful? Melancholy? Confused? All of the above? Most of us welcome the warmer weather and rebirth of Nature in spring. At the same time, inner feelings can be as changeable as the spring weather.

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