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Occupy! Converting Anger to Action

The “Occupy” movement on Wall St. and in other cities around the country has shown they are serious about their protest. What do the Occupiers need to do to generate real change?

The movement was born out of emotion, specifically anger. Millions of Americans were and are angry about our weak economy and the housing problem. They are mad at the financial leaders whose shortsighted behavior caused the economic collapse. And they are angrier still that these same tycoons have been rewarded with big bonuses rather than punished for their misdeeds.

But anger alone does not generate change. Change happens when angry people cool down and make wise decisions followed by measured action. For the Occupiers, getting past that anger is essential if they are to create any part of the change they long for. So far, they seem to be doing a pretty good job.

The same is true in your own life. Anger feels powerful. But it accomplishes nothing beyond your own feelings. Anger is not productive and does not create value. If something makes you angry enough to want to change the status quo, get over the hot emotion of anger first. Then channel that energy into cool, productive, organized, effective action.