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Campaign: What’s Different This Time

Political campaigns have for years been full of negative advertising and personal attacks. That’s normal.  What I’m seeing for the first time this year is a growing resentment among the electorate

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Feeling Blah

Some feelings are clear. You can identify easily the sensation of being angry or scared or deeply in love. But what about those blah days when you feel a general unease

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Occupy! Converting Anger to Action

The “Occupy” movement on Wall St. and in other cities around the country has shown they are serious about their protest. What do the Occupiers need to do to generate real change? The movement was born out of emotion, specifically anger. Millions of Americans were and are angry about our weak economy and the housing […]

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Being Right and Other Values

It’s frustrating when you’re right, you know it, and you still can’t win. The frustration feels terrible. But how you feel is often far from the most important thing.

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Government Shutdown?

The prospect of a government shutdown over money upsets an awful lot of people. If you look deeper,

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Battle Between Love and Hate

Love and hate sound like opposites but they’re not at all.

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Rejoicing at Bin Laden’s Death

The murderous Osama Bin Laden is dead. Our nation is happy to hear the news. The good feeling has two distinct qualities.

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Anger of Arab Spring

Anger of young people in the Arab countries continues to boil, as demonstrations against cruel dictators are growing in Syria and continue elsewhere. Anger, as always, indicates a feeling of having been victimized

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Anger in Egypt

The turmoil in Egypt, now going on for a week, was born out of  anger. The Egyptian people feel angry, they see themselves as victimized, and they know who to blame. But can anger make things better?

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Hidden under Anger

I got into an argument with my wife yesterday. It was a small, ordinary argument: she wanted to put an exercise machine in a room where I didn’t want it. Our voices became raised as we made our cases: “You always …” and “Why can’t you ever…” etc.

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