Oneness on a Day of Elevens

Oneness, the core experience of feeling deeply connected with another person, a place, an idea of spiritual ideal, is a central theme of The Seventh System. Today’s date, 11/11/11, seems a perfect time to think about what that means for anyone who cares to look.

Oneness is at the heart of the human emotional system. All our feelings circle around the experience of connection with others and our world. The people we love are those we feel bonded to in some fashion in the shared experience of living. Moments of joy represent the coming to fruition of what we value and desire.

On the other side of the Circle of Emotion, the loss of the sensation of Oneness brings on sadness, when what we care about vanishes from our lives. When that is caused by a specific perpetrator, the sadness is overlaid with anger. The anticipation of potential bad things happening, threats to our sense of Oneness and safety, bring on fear.

All the primary emotions, the main ones we all experience at times, derive from whether we are in or moving toward or away from some version of the feeling experience of Oneness.

Use this date of elevens to remember and realign with all that matters most in your life, all that enhances your feelings of Oneness. Then do it tomorrow and the next day and the next as well.