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Happiness and Love, What’s the Difference?

Happiness and love have much in common but they are not the same emotion. One way to understand the difference between the two is to think of love as personal, happiness as impersonal. The feeling of love for someone you love is personal. You feel an intimate connection at a deep level. You feel that connection also if […]

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Love Heals Grief

In the aftermath of the Newtown, CT, massacre of school children, grief is the overwhelming emotion. Grief is the feeling that accompanies loss, especially loss of what one holds dear. Each person must face and move through

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Oneness on a Day of Elevens

Oneness, the core experience of feeling deeply connected with another person, a place, an idea of spiritual ideal, is a central theme of The Seventh System. Today’s date, 11/11/11, seems a perfect time

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Underdogs We Love

We love the underdog because he/she reminds us of our self.  Since love is a feeling

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Rory McIlroy

Almost as extraordinary as Rory McIlroy’s golfing achievement this week is the response to him. When have you ever seen a sporting event in which everybody is rooting for the same competitor?

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Battle Between Love and Hate

Love and hate sound like opposites but they’re not at all.

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What Would it Take to Love Yourself?

Self love begins with acceptance. When you accept yourself as you are, with all your faults and failures, you are on the path

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Elizabeth Taylor

She was more than just a movie star.  As gorgeous as she was, she never became predominantly a sex symbol.  Even defining her as an actress, though she was a great one, doesn’t begin to do her justice.

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Why Facebook?

Social networking websites are some of the most heavily used on the Internet. Facebook alone has some half billion users. Why are they so popular?

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Friends in Times of Grief

At the funeral of a friend’s mother-in-law, I spoke with the widower, a man in his 80’s who had just lost his wife of some 50 years. He was devastated, clearly in the depths of grief and loss. Still, he told me that meeting so many wonderful people at this difficult time, mostly friends of […]

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