At the end of December, before you turn all your attention to next year, take a few moments to wrap up in your mind the year now ending. Completion is the act of finalizing all the parts, tying up loose ends and laying them to rest so you can move on.

The year 2011 is over. What did it bring? What succeeded? What failed? What did you learn? What did you lose? What will 2011 mean in the greater arc of your life? How can all that help you in 2012 and beyond? Completion integrates the bits and pieces and provides a foundation for what’s to come. By contrast, if you just move forward without settling the past, uncompleted elements can lurk in your consciousness and distract or undermine future efforts.

Think it through. It may be helpful to get together with someone you trust and talk out what the year meant to both of you. Or write your thoughts down in a journal. Or even daydream around all that happened. Completion is a great life-building tool. You finish one year completely so you can go forward into the year to come.

Happy New Year from The Seventh System.