Love Heals Grief

In the aftermath of the Newtown, CT, massacre of school children, grief is the overwhelming emotion. Grief is the feeling that accompanies loss, especially loss of what one holds dear. Each person must face and move through this most difficult of emotions.

In this case, we grieve for the loss of those children and adults. We also grieve for the loss of confidence in our world. This seemingly random act of violence indirectly threatens a sense of safety we all need to stay sane in the conduct of our everyday lives.

The process of grieving is how we work through loss on an emotional level as we try to get back to a state of loving harmony that everyone, consciously or not, seeks as the basis for living well. What else can we do?

There is something. Since the antidote to grief is love, each of us can act more loving to others. Show exceptional kindness to everyone you meet this week. Treat others with uncommon generosity of spirit. In doing so you will deliberately enhance the love in your life and accelerate healing your own grief.

Others will notice and appreciate it. Don’t be surprised if your heightened kindness has a powerful impact on others.

If you like how that feels, keep it up for the rest of your life.

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