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The Beauty of Sadness

Nobody likes feeling sad. But avoiding such moments would cause you to miss some of life’s greatest beauty. Sad moments enrich

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The Bitch and Moan Club

Most every group has at leastĀ  few of them. They always find something to complain about. No matter how good a situation appears to be,

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Love Heals Grief

In the aftermath of the Newtown, CT, massacre of school children, grief is the overwhelming emotion. Grief is the feeling that accompanies loss, especially loss of what one holds dear. Each person must face and move through

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Feeling Blah

Some feelings are clear. You can identify easily the sensation of being angry or scared or deeply in love. But what about those blah days when you feel a general unease

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A Hole in Your Life

Loss can feel like a giant hole. Part of your life, such as a job or a person you’ve cared about, is suddenly gone. Even if you’ve had mixed feelings or you knew that relationship was going to end, it can still feel

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How to Deal With Unexpected Emotion

When a student at her college died suddenly, my daughter called in dismay. In conversation it became clear that the shock was so great, she did not know how to feel. Has this ever happened to you?

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Whitney Houston

Those of us who can easily say “no” to drugs and alcohol might look down on those who can’t. We could see them as being weak in character orĀ  lacking willpower. That is tragically wrong.

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Hope and Suffering at Christmas

This time of year brings forth great hope and plenty of suffering. How can those who suffer get through this time more easily?

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Stuffing Emotion by Eating

Do you stuff down emotion by eating? Millions of us do, and are overweight because of it. But have you ever really tried to understand what that stuffed-down emotion is?

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Wrestling with Emotional Pain

If you can get to the root of deep emotional pain and work it all the way through, you will make enormous progress toward better emotional health.

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