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Campaign: What’s Different This Time

Political campaigns have for years been full of negative advertising and personal attacks. That’s normal.  What I’m seeing for the first time this year is a growing resentment among the electorate

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Whitney Houston

Those of us who can easily say “no” to drugs and alcohol might look down on those who can’t. We could see them as being weak in character or  lacking willpower. That is tragically wrong.

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The Deeper Meaning of Halloween

There’s a good emotional reason why Halloween has grown so popular in recent years, even among adults. Coming when it does, in late October, Halloween addresses a primal and ancient fear concerning the coming of winter.

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Afraid of the Storm?

As hurricane Irene ripped up the East coast this weekend, the news media overflowed with dire warnings about all the terrible things that could happen. Transportation shut down and events were canceled. Even where the effects of the storm were comparatively modest. Why are storm warnings so dramatic? The answer, in a word, is fear. […]

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How Do You Know if You are Free?

Freedom is such a powerful idea. It’s the treasure of those who live in open societies and the yearning of those who don’t. Our precious freedom speaks to the soul of Americans like nothing else. But when you look beyond the lofty idea of freedom to your individual life, freedom is more complicated. How do […]

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Small Fears, Yours and Mine

How much of what you want to do do you avoid because of fear?

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Departure of Glenn Beck

He was the second coming of Senator Joe McCarthy and would have made Joseph Goebbels proud. Glenn Beck mastered the world of propaganda by using fear and the Big Lie to amass a following and shift the political balance. How long could he last?

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Should We Fear Nukes?

Does the nuclear reactor nearest your home pose any more threat today than it did before the earthquake in Japan?

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Turmoil and Fear

The turmoil in Egypt and elsewhere is exhilarating to some, terrifying to others. What’s going on emotionally that distinguishes these two kinds of feelings?

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