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Acceptance is a Critical Aspect of Happiness

Accepting what is, acknowledging reality as it exists in this moment, is an essential step toward moving forward in life toward what you most desire. Acceptance plants your feel firmly on the ground and provides a launching pad to the future.

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Whitney Houston

Those of us who can easily say “no” to drugs and alcohol might look down on those who can’t. We could see them as being weak in character or  lacking willpower. That is tragically wrong.

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Africa 2: Monkeys and Baboons

Watching other primates feels a lot like watching human babies. They’re different, of course, but they feel so close. In watching them, I couldn’t help but wonder what they were thinking.

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Africa, You and Me

I’ve just returned from Africa. A week in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro area viewing magnificent animals in their home environment. Emotional response to different animals differed considerably. The ones that evoke the strongest feeling are the ones whose qualities seem most human.

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Oneness on a Day of Elevens

Oneness, the core experience of feeling deeply connected with another person, a place, an idea of spiritual ideal, is a central theme of The Seventh System. Today’s date, 11/11/11, seems a perfect time

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Happy Harmonies

Something about harmony makes us feel happy. If you feel anything at all in response to the coming together of the unexpected, it’s likely to be

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The Deeper Meaning of Halloween

There’s a good emotional reason why Halloween has grown so popular in recent years, even among adults. Coming when it does, in late October, Halloween addresses a primal and ancient fear concerning the coming of winter.

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Wrestling with Emotional Pain

If you can get to the root of deep emotional pain and work it all the way through, you will make enormous progress toward better emotional health.

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Fatigue and the Emotional System

When you’re tired, you feel your feelings less intensely. The same emotions, triggered by the same events, just don’t rise to the same level.

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Being Right and Other Values

It’s frustrating when you’re right, you know it, and you still can’t win. The frustration feels terrible. But how you feel is often far from the most important thing.

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